//A handmade explosive found in Insein market

A handmade explosive found in Insein market

A handmade explosive, made with a bottle and pieces of iron, was found at a tailoring shop in Insein market on November 28, said MP Wai Phyo Han of No.2 Insein Constituency.

“The staffs arrived at the shop in the morning to open the shop and found the suspected bottle inside the shop. It was connected to an electric cord with a wire. If the staffs switch on the electric cord without noticing it, it can explode and the pieces of iron will hit them. Besides it will start fire,” said the MP.

Ward administrative officials, police and four mine squad officers came to inspect and removed the explosive.

Another explosive device was found inside the market about four days ago. The ward administrator has CCTV records, he said.

“It is true that we found a handmade explosive at Insein market. Someone mixed pieces of iron and diesel inside a wine bottle and connected it with a wire. Officials from Garrison Engineering Corps came to desensitize the device. There is no CCTV camera installed nearby. But police are investigating the culprit,” said a senior police officer from Yangon Region police force.