//Blackmailer threatens to explode a makeshift bomb in Myawady

Blackmailer threatens to explode a makeshift bomb in Myawady

A person had threatened to explode a makeshift bomb in Myawady, for the second time this year, on December 19, according to the Myawady police station.

The blackmailer rang up the Aung Sitt Khaing highway bus line to transfer Ks300,000 otherwise the bomb in one of their buses would explode.

Kyi Kyi Thin, supervisor of ticket sales from the bus line, let the Myawady police force know about the threat.

The combined team led by Police Lt-Col Aung Naing Tun, head of Myawady district police force, Lt-Col Aung San Win, Commander of No.97 Infantry Regiment and Sergeant Kyaw Lin Naing from No.904 Field Company (Engineer) went to investigate the bus gate with witnesses.

The ticket sales supervisor said she received a phone call from a man around 6:30 pm and he said they set up a makeshift bomb in one of their bus which was scheduled and had left at 8:00 pm. The man demanded Ks300,000 to be transferred into their accounts in ten minutes or he would blow the bus up.

The authorities stopped the bus that had already travelled past the trade zone and moved the passengers to safer areas.

Although the authorities searched the bus, they didn’t find any bomb.

The bus carried fifteen passengers: ten males and five females in addition to the driver and bus helper.

A similar case of a blackmail attempt also occurred at a store in Myawady on December 18.